Monday, November 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Next Sunday we are having "Teacher Appreciation Week." It's a fun way to get to know the teachers and show our love and appreciation to them. I was surprised last year by how much this really meant to the teachers. And the kids loved it too. Here's what I do.

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Questionnaire: Make a short questionnaire and include "What is your favorite Primary Song?" I'm also including "Tell us about a time when you chose the right." Distribute a copy to each teacher and leader. I include our Presidency, Secretary and Pianist in the line up. Make sure you get them all back! Click here to download mine.

Treat: Make or buy a little treat to give to each teacher/leader. This is optional but very popular. I do an assortment of candy bars for them to choose from. If I have time I might wrap them in pretty paper.

Presentation: Read the details about one teacher and let the children guess who it is. When they guess, have the teacher come to the front and everyone sings them their favorite Primary Song and I give them their treat. I make a big deal about showing how much we love our teacher by how well we sing.
If there's time, and attention spans allow, I'll ask the teacher to tell us why they like that particular song. Sometimes they have a short experience to share and it's kind of special. I think I'll let the teacher tell about the time they chose the right, it will mean more coming from them.

This is an easy Singing Time and so rewarding. Showing Thanks to our Teachers is a great activity for Thanksgiving time!


  1. you are full of awesome ideas Cami! :)

  2. I really really love this idea. Thank you!