Tuesday, January 10, 2012

‘As a Child of God’ Pictures and Signs

Here are pictures and signs I used to teach “As a Child of God.” Most of the pictures are from the Gospel Media Library on lds.org. Some I found using Google Images search. The pictures for the chorus are only shown once.
I attached magnets to the back of the pictures so I can easily put up a verse worth of pictures and have my hands free to teach signs. I’ve made notes about the signs I use underneath each phrase. To see the song signed in full ASL follow this link to lds.org and scroll down to the bottom. You can choose to see the songs for this year signed by an adult or a child. http://lds.org/service/serving-in-the-church/primary/sharing-time-2012?lang=eng This page also has the MP3 audio files to download for the Sacrament Meeting Program Songs.

I came to earth with power to choose.
I came to earth: Bring hand with one finger raised down (from heaven) toward body.
Earth: finger and thumb wiggle on wrist
Power: one hand shows shape of muscle over other arm
Choose: hold two fingers up on one hand, “pick” the two fingers with the other hand

Good choices bless me and my family too.
 Choices: same as choose
Bless: take finger from lips, put both hands down, together like placing hands on head
Family: make an “f” with each hand, put them together in front of body then make a circle away from body

As a child of God I receive special light.
Child: pat hand down to side twice, like patting two children on the head
God: bring hand down from above head in front of face
Receive: two hands grab and draw toward body
Light: raise hands up, fingers pointing upward while wiggling fingers

The Holy Ghost helps me to know what is right.
Holy Ghost: one hand makes 'o' other hand pinches thumb and middle finger together and raise up out of 'o'
Helps: one hand flat, palm up, other hand place fist on other hand, bring hands toward body
Know: hand points to temple
Right: both hands make fist and point index finger out, tap one hand on top of other

 I feel so safe and happy because
Safe: hands make “s,” cross wrists then pull apart
Happy: both hands make upward motions in front of torso

Such feelings of peace come from family love.
Feelings: middle finger of one hand makes upward motion over chest
Peace: clasp hands both ways then spread hands apart downward
Family: see above
Love: hands over heart

In my own home I’ll happily serve.
Home: with fingers and thumb together touch next to mouth then back to cheek
Happily: same as happy
Serve: palms up, move hands back and forth in front of body

 I’ll strengthen my family by my good works.
Strengthen: both hands bend at elbows, grab ‘muscles’ and pull away
Family: see above
Works: make fists with both hands, tap one hand on top of other

Here’s the sheet music.


  1. Could you send me this sheet music in a pdf? I have searched everywhere for it, I even bought the cd with the printable music from Janice Kapp Perry's website, but it was the simplified version and I really would like this piece. I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. My email is hallswer5@live.com Thanks you!

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  9. Could I also get a pdf or a clearer version of this music. I'm an alto & struggling to sing the high C in the other music. This would be so helpful for me. Thanks for posting your ideas! They are an answer to prayers. cambyandkendra@yahoo.com

  10. I would really like the pdf of this version of As a Child of God too.

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  12. PDF's are always downloadable from music.lds.org :)

  13. unfortunately it doesn't have the version that you have.

  14. Do you have a pdf or a link for this specific arrangement that you could send me? It looks like it's much more lovely than the original on lds.org. I tried to print it from your pic, but I can't get it big enough. Thanks in advance!