Sunday, January 8, 2012

Children All Over the World

I loved singing this song as a child and wanted to do something fun to teach it to our Primary. So... I made these fun posters for the kids to hold. They love it!

I used one poster board per poster. I wish I would have used the extra thick kind so they wouldn't bend so easily when the children hold them. Then I used paper for the clothes and accessories.


Wir danken dir



Kansha shimasu

Since we were done with our Sacrament Meeting Program in October, it worked perfectly to teach it to the Primary in November to go along with Thanksgiving.


  1. I taught the Primary kids this song too. I made posters using the pictures in the book, "Children's Songbook Companion". My friend lent it to me, and I love it! I will try to take pictures of my posters for you. I really feel like I should laminate them so they don't get torn up.

  2. I'd love to see them. I need to laminate mine, too.