Sunday, January 15, 2012

Follow Up on Snowman Hat

We had a great time with the Snowman Hat today.  I turned the lights off to do it and that really got their attention.

After doing the activity a few times I asked if anyone could think of a specific time when the Holy Ghost helped them to know what was right and LOTS of hands went up. I love hearing their stories because they relate the gospel principle to their lives. The trick is having time to sing, too, so I asked one person to share a story, then help with the activity and then we sang a verse. Repeat. We got to hear lots of stories and still reviewed the song plenty.

I just LOVED the connection our Primary President made during Sharing Time. She led a discussion on consequences, especially consequences from bad choices. When the primary children continually gave answers about getting in trouble and getting caught, she finally said "You are too caught up with getting in trouble. There's another consequence that happens even if you don't get caught."

Then she explained that when you make the wrong choice it makes it harder to make a right choice the next time, because you aren't as sensitive to the Spirit. She explained that when you ignore the Spirit it's like your flashlight getting dim and you can't tell the difference between red, green and blue. When you can't feel the Spirit, it's not as easy to tell between right and wrong. I saw little 'light bulbs' going on all over the Primary Room. I just love being a part of teaching the gospel!

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