Saturday, February 18, 2012


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The Sing-O-Meter is a staple in my Singing Time Supplies. You can purchase one for $1.00 from Finch Family Games. I printed mine on card stock and laminated it so it will last. I also attached a ribbon on each end so it can hang around the neck of the judge who is operating it. You can attach a magnet to the arrow if you like, and use another magnet behind the meter to move the arrow. I made mine that way, but I don't know that it works any better.

Choosing a different judge for each song keeps things interesting, and the older kids are very capable of managing the Sing-O-Meter. I always ask the judges to be very tough. When they are tough, the kids realize they can do better!

Also, I ask the judge (so everyone can hear) to take into consideration something they need to work on: standing together, cutting off together, dynamics, watching me, sitting together, quiet at the end of the song, etc. The Sing-O-Meter works it's magic and motivates the kids to do these things much better than if I just asked. Thank you, Sing-O-Meter!

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