Sunday, February 19, 2012

Standing Ovation

I have to share the 'shoot from the hip' idea I did today.

We started Singing Time with "Follow the Prophet" to get some wiggles out. We march during the chorus and they follow me as I turn and face different directions while marching. The kids were getting those wiggles out, but only half-heartedly singing. Well, I needed them to be with me, really focused for the activity I had planned (8 Challenges for Choose the Right.) So... seeing the Bishop sitting on the side of the room and just thinking on my feet, I asked the children if they could sing so well that they could make the Bishop stand up. I told them he had gotten up so early and was really tired and he needed to be woken up with some super singing. We sang again and it was like a completely different group! They were with me. Everyone was singing, or attempting to. And they got the Bishop to stand up! Of course we had to try a few more songs, and they loved getting the Bishop to stand up. It was pretty hard on some songs, but the harder it was to get him to stand, the more united they were in their efforts! I love when spur of the moment ideas are a hit!

My daughter came up with the name for this one, and when I use it again, I'll explain what a 'standing ovation' is:
standing ovation is when an entire audience rises to their feet and claps their hands, usually because they were so impressed by the performance.
Since we don't clap in church, we just get the 'standing' part of the standing ovation.

NOTE: Of course you can use any teacher or leader for this activity. If you do use the Bishop, it might be good to check with him first. My husband's our current Bishop so I took some liberty.

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  1. That is a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!