Friday, February 17, 2012

8 Challenges for Choose the Right

I have so many ideas for Choose the Right, I'm going to present them as 8 CHALLENGES to the Primary. They start with CHALLENGE #1 and once they pass it off, they move on to CHALLENGE #2, etc. The goal will be to pass off all 8 CHALLENGES. I'm planning on this taking two weeks and by the end, they should know this song inside and out!

Here's my plan.

PREPARE: Number 8 different colors of cards and tape them to the chalkboard in a verticle line - #1 at the bottom, #8 at the top. Write a challenge (see below) on the back each card. To make it versatile enough for Junior and Senior Primary, some will have a BONUS CHALLENGE in addition to the basic challenge.

Click to download Score Cards
JUDGES: Teachers take turns being the judges using Score Cards. There are three different scores: X, Smiley Face and Star. Star is obviously the best score, but a Smiley Face will pass off the challenge and allow them to move on. I have paper signs with the X, Smiley Face and Star, and the teachers use them while the children are singing to give immediate feedback on how well they are doing. If they get an X, they get another chance at it. There's an extra star if they do extra well. Have the teacher draw the score next to the challenge card when finished.

CHALLENGES: Here are the ones I came up with, but you might want to customize them for your Primary. We have only learned the chorus, so our first challenge will be to learn two verses.

Teach each other the song using Teaching Kits. Read this post for the details. We'll do one verse this week and one next. If you've already taught the song, have each class 'teach' what a certain phrase means, i.e. "What does 'When in the right your heart confides' mean?"

Move one seat to the right whenever we sing "right" (or step to the right)
BONUS: Move one seat to the left whenever we sing "choose" (or step to the left)
[Alternate Challenge: Stand whenever we sing "right" BONUS: Raise hands whenever we sing "choose"]

Pitch lead with the body, click on the link for more details.

Divide children into four groups. Give each group a different set of picture sticks, CTR Shield, Wisdom, Light, Jesus. (click on the link for more details) Sing the song. When we get to the chorus, the children only sing the phrase that their picture stick corresponds to.
BONUS: Put the sticks in order for the chorus. Choose children to hold 3 CTR Shield Picture Sticks (one for each time we sing "Choose the Right") and the other three Picture Sticks. Have them get in the right order while singing the chorus.

Click to download
Use wide crafts sticks to tap a four beat rhythm while singing the song. The craft sticks take time to pass out, but they are fun for the kids to use. I give one to each child and they tap it on their hand or lap. Set clear expectations, take them away from children if they don't follow the expectations and empower the teachers to take them away too. If you're pressed for time just have them use their fingers to tap.
I've made four rhythm cards you can print. Click here to download.
BONUS: TAP IT X 2 Divide the children into two groups and tap two different rhythms at the same time! (Have a leader for both groups, it really helps.)

Click to download
CHALLENGE #6 MAP IT (Melody Map Puzzle)
Put the melody maps in order on the chalkboard. There is one melody map for each phrase of the song. (Melody Maps show the rise and fall of the pitch.) Write numbers on the chalkboard where each melody map should go. Hand out the melody maps to different classes, maybe two per class, and have them put them in the right place on the board while the song is sung.
To download the Melody Maps click here. There are two per page, with a cut line between the two. They are in order, but you'll notice there are 6 that are the same and will be interchangeable.
[Simplified Challenge: Just do the chorus]

Click to download
Play the bells for the 3 note ascending and descending patterns.  ("Choose the Right" "In the Right" "And it's light"etc.) My kids LOVE the bells! I've made a Bells Chart similar to the Melody Map. Click here to download. There are two patterns to a page and each pattern is numbered. Simply print out, cut on dotted line and put them on the board in the right order. Then pass out the bells (again, strict expectations) and make sure that you point to the colored dots as you go so the children know when to play. Have fun!
BONUS: Play melody and harmony for the 3 note ascending and descending patterns

Sing the harmony on the 3 note ascending and descending patterns. ("Choose the Right" "In the Right" "And it's light"etc.) This might seem daunting, but Senior Primary is definitely capable. If you don't want to attempt this with the Junior Primary, just have 7 CHALLENGES for them. My mom taught my sisters and me to sing harmony when we were kids and I loved it! You might have some kids that just don't get it, but some that really enjoy it.

Teach everyone the harmony first, then divide the group in two. Half sings the melody and half sings the harmony. Make sure when you divide the group that you put some strong singers in the harmony group!

Remember, these are all just suggestions. You can adapt it however you wish.


  1. These are some really great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. under the rhythm cards, what does the "snap" represent? I understand the other rhythms but not that one. BTW, you have some the THE BEST ideas I have seen out there. You are truly great.

  3. Edward Family: "Snap" just means to snap with your fingers. If you are using the craft sticks to tap, then you just tap anytime there is a "clap" or "snap" sign. If you aren't using the craft sticks to tap, you can actually clap and snap. Hope this clears it up. Glad you like the ideas!

  4. Thanks so much for taking this time to make this website and post so often. You've made my life a lot easier because of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.