Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Choose the Right Kits

I've been thinking about how our generation is training the next generation to lead the church. Our youth receive on-the-job training on how to serve. For example the most important part of our Sunday worship, the sacrament, is blessed and passed by the teenage boys, not the experienced High Priests. In Primary the kids give the talks, prayers and scriptures, every experience adding to their testimony. That's why I've decided to let the kids help teach the verses of "Choose the Right;" giving them experience by letting them give back. Here's how I hope to do it: Teaching Kits
Each kit has pictures and props for one phrase of the song all placed in a gallon ziplock bag. A manila envelope would work, too. A small group of kids gets one kit and they figure out how to use it to teach the rest of the Primary that phrase. This is really geared toward Senior Primary but could be adapted to use with Junior Primary (just have the teachers help.) 

I've decided to only teach verses 1 and 3. For teaching the chorus see this post. Kits 1-4 are for verse one and Kits 5-8 are for verse two. 
Here's what my kits have in them. (To download click here.)

KIT #1
Words: "Choose the right when a choice is placed before you."
Objects: CTR sign, three different colored sticks
Signs: choose, right, you

KIT #2
Words: "In the right the Holy Spirit guides;"
Objects: picture of girl being confirmed, map
Signs: right, Holy Spirit, guides

KIT #3
Words: "And its light is forever shining o'er you,"
Objects: flashlight
Signs: light, forever, over, you

KIT #4
Words: "When in the right your heart confides."
Objects: clock or watch, heart
Signs: when, right, heart, confides (trust)

KIT #5
Words: "Choose the right! There is peace in righteous doing."
Objects: CTR shield, peace sign
Signs: choose, right, peace, do

KIT #6
Words: "Choose the right! There's safety for the soul."

Objects: CTR shield, safety glasses
Signs: choose, right, safe, spirit

KIT #7
Words: "Choose the right in all labors you're pursuing;"
Objects: CTR shield, hammer
Signs: choose, right, work

KIT #8
Words: "Let God and heaven be your goal."

Objects: picture of Heavenly Father, picture of a target
Signs: God, heaven, goal

I gathered up the objects from around the house, and when possible I included more than one so more kids can hold something. Our classes have 8-10 kids in them, so I'll have half of a class be one group so more kids can participate. After giving them 2 minutes to prepare (they don't need much time because it's just a short phrase and they should be somewhat familiar with the song) I'll have the groups take turns in order singing their part and teaching it to us. We'll all sing it together and then add the next phrase. 

I'm excited to see how this goes!


  1. Love this idea, especially for senior--I LOVE getting everyone involved! I'm so glad I've found you--you are so inspirational!

    1. Hey Jenna! How crazy that I saw your comment on this. I didn't know that you were a primary chorister too. Did you do this activity? How did it go?

  2. I also LOVE this idea. I have a very small primary, and my senior primary kids are always asking for ways to help. I'm going to have them teach each other first, and then teach the junior primary. I plan to have them teach during the junior primary class time (the teachers have asked to incorporate music during lesson time as well). Thank you for your fantastic blog!

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  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I've been really struggling with how to teach this song. Your ideas were literally an answer to prayer!

  5. Great idea! Thanks for sharing such a fun way for the kids to own their learning.

  6. I'm so glad to know these ideas are helping someone! Thanks!

  7. I just found your blog today off of the primusic group. This is so helpful. Thank you for publishing your great ideas. I LOVE your birthday music box idea, and all of the fun AND meaningful ways you teach the gospel through music. I'm new to this calling, and think it is the best!

  8. Your blog is great. It helps the procrastinator inside me. :) Great ideas, keep them coming!

  9. You are amazing. . .Thanks for your ideas!