Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Football Review

With Super Bowl coming up I thought I'd share a Football Review Idea. My boys especially like this one. You can review lots of songs or just one depending on how you label the footballs. Either way, the goal is to get each ball to the End Zone. The Referee (either you, a teacher, a leader or a guest) determines how many yards the ball can move after a song is sung. To make it especially engaging have the Referee wear a referee uniform if you have one handy.

click on football to download
* Print out, cut and laminate the footballs
* Label each ball (You can put names of songs on the balls, a singing challenge or a question that can be answered from the song(s) you want to review. See examples below.)
* Prepare a Football Field (I use one that came with our little game table. You can easily draw one on the chalkboard, just label yard lines and an end zone)
* Line up the Footballs on the opposite end of the end zone

* Explain the Rules (How well they sing, stand together, know the words, smile, etc. determines how many yards they can move the ball.)
* A child picks a football and reads the song to sing (or question or challenge)
* Sing the song and have the Referee give the score
* A child moves the ball the appropriate number of yards


If you are using singing challenges, make sure it's written on the ball and then have the referee score them according to how well they met the challenge while singing the song & verse of your choice.
Challenge Ideas
* Rhythm Tap: tap the rhythm of the melody while singing
* Pitch Level Singing: raise hand up or down following the melody
* Seat Change: move over a seat when a certain word is sung
* Follow the Leader: follow the leader's signals for dynamics (loud, soft, crescendo, diminuendo, etc.)
* Up & Down: stand when a certain word is sung

If you are using questions, have a child pick a ball and read the question. Then have them listen for the answer while they sing the specific verse from the song. 
Here are sample questions from "As a Child of God" and "Choose the Right."
* What helps me feel safe and happy? (family love) As a Child vs. 2
* What should mark our way? (wisdom) CTR chorus
* Where should I serve? (in my own home) As a Child vs. 3
* What should be my goal? (God and heaven) CTR vs. 3
* What power did I come to earth with? (power to choose) As a Child vs. 1
* What kind of attitude should I have when I serve? (happy)
* Who guides us to choose the right? (the Holy Spirit) CTR vs. 1

More thought provoking questions for Senior Primary.
* What does it mean to have your heart confide in the right? CTR vs. 1
* How do we let wisdom let mark the way before? CTR chorus
* How do my good choices bless my family? As a Child vs. 1
* What can I do to help there be a feeling of peace in my home? As a Child vs. 2

NOTE: You can give the children a second chance with a song if they didn't do their best singing. It just depends on how much time you have and how well you want them to know the songs.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I was trying to figure out what to do tomorrow. I did notice a typo in your section about questions. Your first question is from the song As a Child of God, not CTR. :)

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I wonder how many other mistakes I've made!

  3. Cute idea! I copied the football field idea. I'm sure the boys will especially love it.

  4. Oh, probably none. I just noticed it because I'm lazy, and instead of planning my own football game, I'm going to use yours. :) OK. I did work a lot this week, and I've been up since 5:30 this morning, and I'm really tired. :)

  5. My mom and I just got called to be the Primary choristers in our ward. She just sent me a link to your blog and I am so impressed with your creativity! It will help me a lot to try and get my "creative juices flowing" again for the primary kids. Keep it up, and thanks!