Tuesday, January 17, 2012

As a Child of God Review Ideas

My Primary kids just loved sharing stories about choosing the right. I've asked them to pay attention during the week to times when they have to choose and be ready to share with us. They are starting to connect this concept with life (at least the Senior Primary!)

Here are a few ideas for reviewing this song (As a Child of God) that include stories.

1. Hot and Cold
This is a classic game. One person steps out of the room, another person hides an object (in this case the CTR symbol printed out would work great.) When the first person returns to the room the groups sings louder as the person gets closer to the object, and softer as they move away from the object, ultimately helping them find the object. To include stories, have the person hiding and finding share their stories before the game is played.

2. Pass It
While the group sings the song, an object (a small stuffed animal, the CTR symbol, etc.) is passed from person to person up and down the rows. When the pianist stops playing the group stops singing and the person left with the object gets to share a story. You can then start the song over or begin where you left off.

3. The Choosing Hat
This is just a fancy name for 'Teacher's Choice.' A teacher comes to the front and wears a special hat (the funnier, the better.) Then while the group sings the song, they look for the class singing their best. After the song, they name the class that did their best.
The teacher from that class chooses someone in their class to share a story. Then they (the new teacher) comes to the front to wear the 'Choosing Hat' start the process over.


  1. Thank you for all you do!
    Our kids in Vigo, Spain, will enjoy singing tomorrow! :)

    1. I was so excited to see your comment from Spain; I served a mission in Andalucia in 1992-1994 and loved the people there. I hope the church is growing strong there! Love from Utah!