Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follow the Prophet

My good friend Amy Jo (who was the former Primary Music Leader in our ward for 3 years) made these amazing foam board displays for Follow the Prophet. The kids love to poke their faces through these and be the different prophets.
I love them because they walk us through the phrases of the verse. Start in the bottom left hand corner and move counter clockwise around to go through the verse.

She used fabric, yarn, paper, photos, craft moss, pictures from the Friend, popsicle sticks and drawings to create these master pieces. I love that she used foam board because they hold up better to all the love they get.

Other Ideas for Follow the Prophet:
  • March in place during the chorus. Have the children follow you when you turn to the right, left, back or front.
  • Tap a rhythm using fingers, pencils or popsicle sticks. (Counts 1 & 3 or counts 2 & 4)
  • Stand every time you sing "follow" or "prophet." 
  • When sharing this song in Sacrament Meeting, to keep it from getting too long sing two verses and then the chorus, then two more verses and then the chorus. The pianist should always play the introduction between verses.

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  1. I love these poster ideas! I sing the chorus of this song in nursery too. I made little signs with prophets on them and the kids follow me in a line around the room. They LOVE it! Here's a link to the signs: