Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review Cube

The Review Cube is a fun way to review lots of songs. I used fun polka-dotted file folders to cover this box and then taped trimmed page protectors to each surface. That way I can insert and remove images easily. I just have to tape the edge so it doesn't come flying out when the cube is rolled.

To use, simply have a child gently roll it on the floor and sing a song that matches the top image. You can pre-assign songs to the images or you can let the children choose a song that matches the theme of the picture.

The images in this Review Cube are: 
Book of Mormon
Joseph Smith

I can match up a variety of songs for each image for example: the temple picture could mean that we sing "I Love to see the Temple" or "My Body is a Temple."

For this year's songs I'll probably use these next 6 images. They are versatile enough to use for a few songs.



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