Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pop-Up Puppy

 Junior Primary loves this little Pop-Up Puppy. He pops up out of the tube when he hears them singing and goes back in when he can't hear them. It's amazing the volume they can get when they want to see that puppy! A teacher or leader helps with it and they have a lot of fun making the puppy peek out.

I covered a short mailing tube with decorative paper and used a small stuffed animal for the puppy. If you don't have a puppy you could use any little creature that's the right size. If you don't have a mailing tube, you could use a plastic container that's cylindrical and cut out the bottom. A tall frosting container would work.

For the Senior Primary I challenge them a bit more. The more they see of the puppy, the louder they have to sing. If he goes inside the tube they stop singing, but the piano keeps playing. They have to keep track of the lyrics in their head and then start singing again when the puppy pops up. I let the kids take turns making the puppy pop up and they have a blast!


  1. Oh, I think I have just the animal for this. The only problem is getting my 7 yr old to NOT freak out and get angry at me for wanting to use the stuffed animal he NEVER even looks at. :) I love my boy. He just has Asperger's Syndrome, and is always angry at me.

  2. Maybe he could help the puppy move up and down? Good luck with your boy!

  3. Thanks. I will let him help, and hopefully if I talk to him about it OVER AND OVER, he will be OK with it.

  4. Emmmm from experience I have a bot with Asperger's that is now 30. And even though you may THINK he is not looking it at I can assure you he is taking inventory of it EVERY day...LOL Be patient and let him know you care about his feelings. These kids are great blessings and can teach each more than we thought possible.