Thursday, January 19, 2012


I use Sting-a-Song to review a song we've already learned. It's easy to do and keeps their attention. I usually use it when the Senior Primary is coming in and finding their seats. We sing the song we learned the month before instead of just listening to prelude music. Using String-a-Song grabs their attention and helps them focus on singing the song during the transition.

Here's what you do: As you sing a song you, or a helper, pulls yarn out of a container. The yarn keeps coming and coming, but changes color (different colors of yarn are tied together.) The different colors mean different groups of people sing.

  • Blue means Boys sing
  • Pink means Girls sing
  • Yellow means Everyone sings 
You could always change it up and have the different colors mean different things like hair color, eye color, over/under a certain age etc. But I like that I don't have to explain anything, we just start singing and they all know what to do!

Here's how you make it.

You need three colors of yarn and cylindrical container with a lid (I used a tall frosting container.) Cut various lengths of yarn and tie different colors together so you have one long piece of yarn. Wrap the yarn in a ball and place it in the container. Cut a hole in the lid of the container (be careful, that's the hardest part) and pull the end of the yarn through. You can cover the container with decorative paper if you like. Now you're set! Have fun with String-a-Song!

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  1. What a cute idea! I am sooo doing this! Thanks!