Friday, February 24, 2012

Choose the Right Activities

I love these little pictures printed in this month's Friend. The pictures fall into two categories: 'Before' Scenarios where there is a Choice to be Made and 'After' Scenarios where a Right Choice has been Made. Each picture has a match.  For enlarged versions of the pictures, click on this link.
There are lots of ways to use them to teach the concept of "Choosing the Right when a Choice is Placed before you." Here are some ideas:

1. Matching Game Place all of the individual pictures scattered around on the chalkboard. Sing a verse of "Choose the Right." Ask the teacher of the class singing their best to send up one student to choose two pictures that match and another student to explain the pictures.

2. Find my Match Place only the 'After' pictures on the board, or around the room. Have the 'Before' pictures in a pile. Ask a child to choose a 'Before' picture from your pile to show the group. Sing a verse of "Choose the Right." Choose a class that was singing their best to find the 'After' picture from the board.

3. What would You do? Pair the pictures together with the 'Before' picture in front and the 'After' picture hidden behind it. Place the pairs on the board or around the room. To print the pairs together click here. Sing a verse of "Choose the Right." Ask the teacher of the class singing their best to send up one student to point to a picture and tell the group what they would do if they were in that situation. You can ask the group to share other ideas if they have them. Then have the student reveal the 'After' picture to see if that's what the artist had in mind. I would be careful to reinforce that there is sometimes more than one right choice. That's why we have the Holy Ghost to guide us. (For example, maybe the crying baby needs a bottle.)

I'm sure there are lots of other ways to use these fun pictures. Hopefully this gets your ideas going.

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