Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stand for the Right

We have Stake Conference on Sunday so I'm taking my time deciding on ideas for "Stand for the Right." Since we learned it last year and it's such an easy, short song, I'm not planning on spending lots of time on it. But since the Sunbeams haven't learned it I'll give them a chance to get to know this fun song. Here's my plan.

Sing a phrase and do the sign, then have the children repeat me. Look for someone giving their best effort to come up and show the visual aid for that phrase. With each phrase we learn, another child comes up, forming a line. Make sure they are standing in order. Once we know the song it's time for some fun. Here are some ideas.

1. The Switcheroo Have everyone close their eyes while you switch two of the children holding visual aids. Sing the song again to figure out who is switched. (Or have one child step outside the door and then guess.) Once you've done this one several times you're ready for....
2. The Mix-Up Have each child holding a visual aid give it to a different child, one that hasn't helped yet. Then sing the song while the new helpers try to put themselves in order. The goal is to get in the right spot before the singing stops. Ask the seated children if the order is right. If it is, mix it up again. If not, sing the song again and offer a little help. When several children have had a chance to play, (and you feel like they know the song well, but before they are sick of it) it's time for....
3. The Disappearing Act Tell the children that they know the song so well that they are going to do a "Disappearing Act" and make all of the visual aids disappear. Have a teacher or child pick a visual aid to 'disappear' and the children holding them take their seats. Sing the song again to see if they remember all of the words or if a visual aid needs to 're-appear.' Pick another teacher/child (or two or three at a time) to make another visual aid disappear, singing the song after each batch until all of the visual aids have disappeared.

Below are the words to the song with the visual aids listed next to each phrase. I've linked the words I plan on signing to videos of how to do the signs (thank you,!) To see the whole song signed follow this link.

Our Prophet has some words for you     (picture of prophet or tie & scriptures)
And these are the words      (General Conference Issue of Ensign)
Be True, Be True! -     ("Be True" sign - click here to download)
At work -    (hammer or duster)
Or at play -    (ball or doll)
In darkness -    (moon - click here to download)
Or light -   (flashlight or sun - click here to download)
Be True, Be True! - ("Be True" sign -  click here  to download) 
And Stand for the Right! -  (child sitting on chair)

I love that we have a review song assigned to this month so we have time to review the previous songs and learn some new ones. Thank you General Primary Leaders! I'm teaching "He is Risen" this month in anticipation of Easter. Click here to see my arrangement of "He is Risen" and my post on teaching it.


  1. Cami,
    I am trying to burn the Gethsemane song with pictures to a DVD and am having the hardest time getting it to work. My husband finally managed to do it but it says, "Wondershare" across all the pictures in the upper left hand corner. Do you have any ideas for us? We had a family friend try to do it, too, but he has not had any luck. Thanks,

  2. Heidi, Sorry you have had problems! I've had that problem before. There are file converters available online that can convert the YouTube video for you so you can download it and then burn it to a DVD. Some are better than others. The one I like is Zamzar. It's free and all done online so you don't have to download anything. They email it to you when it's done and it's high resolution so it looks great. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Cami! Let me just say THANKS so much for all you do! I did your 8 Challanges for CTR and my kids LOVED it! They learned the song so well and did not get bored. And I TOTALLY love this idea. I didn't have this calling this time last year, and we had a little girl sing this solo for the program, so while some of the kids remember it, none have it down really well. Yay for easy songs! One more question for you- Is your Fast Sunday going to be on Easter Sunday? Are you singing in Sacrement that day or on another day?

  4. Natalie, So glad you like the 8 Challenges! Hope this one goes well for you too. We will have Fast Sunday the week before General Conference so I'm hoping to sing on Easter Sunday. I think this might be the case for all Stakes in the USA. Best of Luck!