Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentines Mailbox Review

Last year I brought this little mailbox to Singing Time around Valentine's Day to help us review songs. Inside I had several "Love Letters" addressed to the Primary Children and each letter had a clue for a song to sing. The clue could be a variety of things. Here are some ideas for clues to get you started.

* A phrase from a song
* A picture that goes with a song
* The notes of the first line of a song played on the piano
* The rhythm from the first line of the song clapped
* A gospel question that the song would answer
* A melody map for a song

You could actually write a letter if you have the time, or you could just stick the picture or phrase from the song in the envelope. I put the page number of the song on the back of the envelope to have it handy for the pianist.

These cute little mailboxes are available to buy in stores right now, of course I used gospel pictures to cover up the cartoon figures. You could easily make one with a small box. Happy Valentine's Month!


  1. I love all your ideas. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. It sure makes my calling much easier and more enjoyable.

  2. Thanks! It's good to hear these ideas are helping!