Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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Easter! So many gospel principles to teach and sing about. The Atonement, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Sacrifice, Obedience, Forgiveness. So many wonderful songs and pictures to use, it's hard to narrow it down...So... I've picked 9 Easter Songs, 9 Easter Pictures and 9 Easter Questions, plus a few extras. My goal is to help the children feel the Spirit and teach pure doctrine. Here what I plan to do.

Download the list of Songs, Pictures and Questions at left
Find all the pictures on the list to the left (they are all in the gospel art kit or you can find theme at the lds.org media library) Or find your own from Church Magazines or Calendars. Put them in order.
Know the songs. You can always change the songs to ones your primary knows.

Singing Time
Set the pictures along the bottom of the chalkboard.
Explain that you hope Celebrate Easter with them through song.
Invite them to pay attention to when they feel the Spirit and remember how it feels.
Choose a child to come hold the first picture and explain what is happening. (one or two sentences)
Ask the question that goes with the picture.
Place the picture in line on the chalkboard. (optional, helps you keep track of which picture you're on)
Sing the song that goes with the picture.

Be sure to identify when you are feeling the Spirit and tell them. Ask them periodically if they are feeling the Spirit and how it feels. Remind them that the Spirit testifies of truth.

This isn't an entertaining and fun Singing Time. This is something much more. But they have to be prepared by you to know what to expect. Our children are hungry for the meat of the gospel. Let's make sure we aren't just feeding them bubblegum.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas on this incredible blog. I loved this Easter idea and the strong spirit that comes with the lesson and songs. I'm really excited to use it today for Easter!