Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Savior of the World

Have you seen "The Savior of the World" the musical production put on by the church and performed every fall at the Conference Center? It's a two act musical play. Act One is about the events leading up to the Savior's birth. Act Two is about events after his death and resurrection.  It's amazing. I saw it for the first time New Year's Ever 2011. I wasn't fully expecting the power of it's message. The Spirit was overwhelming and I cried many tears. I know the story well, but it made me think of details I'd never considered before. For one, how many heavenly messengers appeared to the people involved in the birth of the Savior. Also, the many inconveniences Mary and Joseph had to deal with because of their extremely critical roles in the Savior's life and the faith they had to have. But my favorite lines are "Have you given up hope?" "Hope, no. But my demands, yes."

Now any stake is able to put on the production and bring it to members and friends of other faiths all over the world. This is what our stake and a neighboring stake are doing and what has been consuming every drop of my extra time for the past month. I get to be in charge of props for our production of The Savior of the World. Props Mistress is what they call me, but I prefer Props Master. It has been more of a sacrifice of time than I thought it would be, late nights, long Saturdays, but I feel so blessed to be a part of it. We have done three performances and have 7 more to go. For information on how to produce this in your area follow this link.

So I feel bad that I haven't been contributing ideas to the Singing Time world lately, (and I certainly have more ideas to share) but I've been involved in another good cause and hope that maybe some of you are glad to hear about the possibilities available for your stakes. In the meantime, I hope to get in a few posts between Conference Sessions. Happy Conference!

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