Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Primary Section in lds.org Media Library

There is now a Primary Section in the lds.org Media Library! It has three categories: Activity Pages, Illustrations and Line Art.

The Activity Pages Category includes 17 mazes, codes and other activities. I'm sure more will come. It would be fun to use one of these mazes in Singing Time. You could have one printed on poster sized paper and then the children can complete a section of the maze when they sing well and know the words.

The Illustrations Category includes 60 full color illustrations done by a handful of artists you'll recognize from The Friend. These are so handy for Flip Charts and I'm sure lots of other things. I still go through my old copies of Church Magazines and tear out the full page pictures, it saves a lot of ink.It's nice to have the picture available to print- full page with no words- if needed.

Line Art Category has 37 coloring pages. You'll recognize these from The Friend, too. A fun way to use these is to have one printed on a poster sized paper and color in a section for each part of a song you learn.

Have fun with this new resource!

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