Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mother, Tell Me the Story

Mother, Tell Me the Story (CS p.204) is the song we are going to sing in Sacrament Meeting for Mother's Day. It's simple and catchy with a sweet message. I'll ask the women teachers and leaders to sing it with us in Sacrament Meeting and also invite a few other moms of primary children to participate.

There is an optional verse that I'm ready to teach also depending on their attention span. If we learn it, we'll sing both verses, then have the mothers sing their part and them sing them together.

Here's how I plan to teach it. It's very Junior Primary-ish, but I'm always surprised what my Senior Primary enjoys. We'll see.

1. Preparation
Make a book out of the pictures you plan on using for the song. I copied and enlarged the picture from the Children's Song Book, picture of Heaven from one of the Primary Manuals, a heart and mouth, then a child sleeping. I laminated and bound them, but a 3-ring binder would work just fine.
Gather up a few pillows and blankets.
Bring an audio version of the song if you are uncomfortable singing a solo.
Make copies of the song for the teachers and presidency members.

2. Introduction
Ask "Who likes to hear bedtime stories?" "Who tells you bedtime stories?" "We are going to sing a song about  your mom telling you a bedtime story. Let's get ready." Pick a few Sunbeams to lie down on the pillows and cover them with blankets. Sit in a chair and sing the song (or play the audio version) while showing the pictures in your 'book' so you are 'telling the story.'

3. Teach
Sing and Repeat each phrase to teach the song to the children. Teach gospel principles, too. Ask them what heaven was like? Why did we come to earth? Who helps us learn how to get back to heaven?

4. Practice
Pick more great singers to take turns lying on the pillow between verses. If you have a large primary you might want to bring more pillows and blankets to make sure that everyone who wants a turn gets one. Once they have the melody down, make sure to try it with the accompaniment.

5. Motivation
If you need a little extra motivation a teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) can help. The teddy bear is hiding in his cave (behind the podium) and only comes out to snuggle with little kids if he hears beautiful music.

4. Polish
Turn off the lights and let the teachers/leaders sing the 'mother' part while the children listen. Then try the double melody. It might take a few times for them to get used to it, but they'll get it.

This is a beautiful and simple song that won't take much time to learn. Enjoy!


  1. I did this idea and the kids loved it! Thanks for all you've done on this blog. It really is so helpful. Have a great Sabbath!

  2. Which manual did you get your picture on heaven from? Also did you do pictures for the additional verse??

    1. The picture of heaven is from one of the Primary Class Manuals, I'm thinking the second manual, because the number at the bottom of the picture is 2-4. I'm sorry I'm not more help there. I made this about 10 years ago!
      Yes, I did do pictures for the second verse.
      Picture #1 - Jesus in red robe
      Picture #2 - Jesus with Nephite children ( put a small paper heart on the side of the picture)
      Picture #3 - Clip art of a girl smiling and a dove
      Picture #4 - Picture of child going to sleep, same as verse 1.

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  4. I am curious to know how your senior primary handled this presentation? I want to do it but sometimes mine get silly and irreverent. But like you said, sometimes they surprise me!