Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crying Mother

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This idea comes from a good friend. It is a fun (and a little cheesy) way to practice songs for Mother's Day. All it takes is a Happy Mother Poster and a squirt bottle. The idea is that the children sing so sweetly that they make the mother cry. Here's what I did.

1. Prepare. I borrowed a Happy Mother Poster, but you can make your own or print this one. It can be as big as a single piece of paper or a half sheet of poster board. The important part is to cut little holes where her eyes are, large enough for a squirt bottle nozzle to fit through. Oh, and I brought a squirt bottle filled with water and set to fine mist. I asked another adult to do the squirting so my hands were free.

2. Explain. Tell the kids that sometimes mothers are so happy that they cry. We want to sing so well that we make this mother cry. 

3. Sing. Here's the fun part. The better they sing, the more "tears" some squirting out of the happy mother's eyes. The kids think this is a blast. I always tell them at the end to go home and make their mothers cry happy tears.

TIP: It's best to laminate the Happy Mother poster because it will get pretty wet.

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