Friday, May 4, 2012

I'll Share My Savior's Love

You've probably heard of the object lesson that uses mud to teach about gossip. One person puts mud on their hands, then passes it from person to person symbolizing how gossip is spread. Well I wanted to put a positive spin on this to show how our Savior's love is spread from person to person when we serve and love each other. So I pulled out my glitter. Brave, huh. It's the last verse of "I Feel My Savior's Love" that starts out "I'll share my Savior's love" that I taught with glitter. Here's what I did.
1. Sing and Repeat with Signs. You know, sometimes when I start singing time with a new song/verse I just start singing. A Capella. (so I don't have to wait for the piano and I can pick a lower key.) I sing a line with the signs, then say "Your turn" and start them. Then I'll say "Listen" and sing the line again and then say "Your Turn." 

2. Review. After 2 minutes they know the new verse and I quickly say "You know the rest" and we continue with the rest of the song.

3. Ask "How do we share our Savior's love?" Take 2-3 answers or offer ideas if they need some. "Giving a hug to a little sister who's crying." "Helping mom without complaining." Then invite them to think while you sing the song through "How did you share our Savior's love this week?"

4. Sing and Share. After singing the song ask one child to come to the front to tell how they shared their Savior's love this last week. After they tell, have them stick their finger into the glitter and touch the finger of the next child that wants to share. After the second child shares, they touch the finger of a third child who shares and they in turn touch a fourth child who shares. Then it's time to sing the song again and start over with a new glitter finger. 

5. Teach. When you're ready to wrap up ask everyone who has glitter on their finger to hold it up. Then ask those who don't have glitter to raise their hands and have those who have glitter share it with them. Teach "We spread the glitter around one little touch at a time. We share our Savior's love the same way, a little smile, a hug, a helping hand. Little sparkles that help people know they are loved. Then they want to help other people too." 

6. Invite. "Help spread our Savior's love this week by doing little acts of service. I want to hear about them next Sunday!"

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