Friday, June 8, 2012

Spotlight on Fathers

I love spotlighting Fathers of Primary Children on Father's Day. I pick 6-8 fathers. I try to include some fathers of kids who maybe don't come as often as a way to help them feel more included. Here's what I do.

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Make and print your Spotlight form. You can use mine if you want or make your own. Make sure you find out their favorite primary song!

Invite the dads the week before, make sure they will be to church on Father's day and have them fill out a spotlight form. Have them wear an old tie they don't mind cutting up. Keep track of who you invited!

Write the names of the dads and their favorite song on a list. Make a copy for yourself, the pianist and the hall where the dads will be waiting.

I make a poster of a dad with a hole where his tie would be tied. The dad stands behind the poster and sticks his tie through. I also have a sheet to hang in front of the rest of the dad. You'll also need extra old ties and sharp scissors like fabric scissors.

On the big day meet the dads outside the primary room. Show them the list with the order they will go in. Show them how to stick their tie through to poster and then get started. Read the spotlight answers and have the kids guess whose dad it is. Then bring the dad into the room and have them stand up front with their child(ren).

Sing the father's favorite song and have the child decide how well the Primary sang. They get to decide how much of the tie to cut off. I ask a leader/teacher to do the actual cutting, it's really hard to cut through a tie!

I like to give the dad's a little candy bar or treat to show our appreciation.


  1. So I hope this doesn't sound lame but I can't quite figure out if the dad is in the room while they are guessing or not. It sounds like he is and covered by the poster and sheet but then you say after they guess to bring him into the room. I'm so sorry but I want to get this right I know my kids are gonna looooove it so I don't want to screw it up. Can u clarify?

    1. Sorry, I have the dad stand in the doorway with the poster/sheet hiding him while I spotlight him. Then when they guess who it is we remove the poster/sheet and bring him to the front of the room. Hope this help!

  2. Thank you so much! Can't wait to do this tomorrow it will be sooooo fun!!!!!