Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday President Monson

On Tuesday, August 21, President Monson turned 85. We celebrated last Sunday in Singing Time. I brought a gift bag of items that represented something about him. The kids loved getting to know our prophet better and we got to sing lots of songs. Here's what I did.

I printed off pictures from President Monson's early years and asked the kids if they knew who it was. I told them this person was born 85 years ago and we were going to celebrate his birthday. I found the picutres here.

I read about President Monson's life at  and here. These are church sponsored so they're reliable.

I gathered items that represented something about him and linked it to a song.

Fishing Pole, loved fishing, When I am Baptized
Swimming Suit, saved a girl in the Provo river, I'm Trying to be Like Jesus
Plate, Took food to 'Old Bob' down the street, Choose the Right
Train, shared his train, Choose the Right Way
Scout Manual, earned Silver Beaver, Silver Buffalo and Bronze Wolf, Nephi's Courage
Warm Fuzzy, asked for kind acts to be done for his birthday, I Feel my Savior's Love
Small Boat, taught in conference to not be like boats-but to live with purpose by the Spirit, As a Child of God
Flag, was in the Navy, Stand for the Right

Choose a child to pick something out of the bag. Tell the story that goes with it. (Make sure it's a short version of the story so you have plenty of time to sing.) Then sing the song that goes with it. You might choose different objects and different songs, but the idea is simple enough to adapt to whatever objects you have around the house and whichever songs you want to sing.

Happy Birthday President Monson!

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  1. Clever, and learn something about our prophet. Love it!