Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus Graphics

I'm going with simple on "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus." There are so many great paintings of Jesus to use but I think my kids need clear 'symbol-like' graphics to help them remember key words. Once they know it we'll do something with all those other visuals. (I already have a fun idea for that.) So here's my plan.

1. Print the graphics found here. The center picture is in the Gospel Art Kit. The rest are the best symbol-like pictures I could find online. OR click here for the graphics from the Sharing Time Outline. These you can print out in color or black and white.

2. As I teach the song I'll put up the pictures in a CLOCK formation (see visual above) starting in the center and then moving clockwise, ending back in the center. Broken down step by step it goes like this: 
  • Have the center picture already placed on the board and sing "I'm trying to be like Jesus." Children repeat. 
  • Put up the footsteps and sing "I'm following in His ways." Children repeat.
  • Sing from start to that point.
  • Put up heart and sing "I'm trying to love as He did" Children repeat.
  • Put up mouth and sing "In all that I do and say." Children repeat.
  • Sing from start to that point.
  • Put up clock and sing "At times I am tempted" Children repeat.
  • Put up sad face and sing "To make a wrong choice." Children repeat.
  • Put up listening ear and sing "But I try to listen as the still small voice whispers" Children repeat.
  • Sing from start to that point.
  • Continue in same format until...
  • Point to the center picture and sing "These are the things Jesus taught." Children repeat.
  • Sing beginning to end.
The idea with the graphics is to start in the center, go around the 'clock' and then end again in the center. 

This is a long song, so I might take two weeks to teach the Junior Primary. The Senior Primary already knows it so we'll review it and then start taking away symbols to see if they can remember it. Then we'll work on the second verse. Click here for Verse 2 Graphics.


  1. Hi Cami,
    Looks like alot of cute ideas. There are also graphics in the sharing time 2012 outline for this song.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    Liz Snow

    1. Liz, I had forgotten about the graphics in the outline. Thanks for reminding me. I like those because they are so easy to understand. I updated the post to include them. Thanks!

  2. Cami
    the Links do no appear to be working. I loved your ideas as my primary know it pretty well so I need a reminder method. Hope the tech problem is not just my computer cuz that would suck for me!
    Susan Giesbrecht

    1. Susan, I've checked and double checked my links and they seem to work fine for me. I wonder if it's downloading instead of opening it. Check your downloads folder. Hope this helps!