Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finishing "Chews" the Right

Our Primary Program is this Sunday and we are ready! We had a lot of fun with "Chews" the Right and gum balls. It took us several weeks to get it filled to the top but they didn't loose interest. One little Sunbeam said "I bet we'll get it filled up next week!" I reminded them each week that we would share all the gumballs we earned after the Sacrament Meeting Program.

This is our gum ball machine all filled up! A counselor in the Primary Presidency had a real gum ball machine, a tall one that stands on the floor and it worked GREAT! We used a funnel to keep the gumballs from spilling and a little scoop to keep the gum balls sanitary. Someone always helped me dump gum balls back into the container between Junior and Senior Primary so they could earn their own.

We didn't use the gumball machine for our Saturday practice in the chapel. When the gum balls are dropped in it makes a lot of clatter and we wanted to eliminate extra noise and time. (I did use a helium balloon with a super long string that got closer to the ceiling the more they filled the chapel with their voices.)

We added a paper gumball to our "Chews" the Right Poster for every song we polished up.

Once we had filled up our gum ball machine the Primary Presidency helped bag up the gumballs and attach a cute tag. I can't wait to give them to the Primary Children after the program on Sunday!

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