Saturday, December 29, 2012

EASY End of the Year Review

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I'm doing an easy 'End of the Year Review' on Sunday. It involves a Picture for each song, Name that Tune and a Score. Here's what I'm doing.

1. List of Songs. I chose 11 songs, some we learned this year, and some favorites. Make sure your pianist has the list. Click here to download mine.

2. Materials. Choose a picture to represent each song. Hang these in random order on the board. Find chalk and dice.

3. Pull it Off. Tell the kids they are trying to figure out two things. First: the name of the song the pianist will play. Second: the picture that goes with it. Have someone roll the dice and then have the pianist play that many notes of the melody. Let the kids name the tune and match the picture. Give the chalk to a child to be the judge. They listen and watch while you sing the song and then write their score (1-10) next to the picture on the board. Make a big deal about trying to get a 10.

Happy New Year!

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