Sunday, January 6, 2013

Freebies at Simply Fresh Designs

I just stumbled across Simply Fresh and saw her adorable free printables.
She has a Binder Cover with a Calendar, a Wall Calendar Template and 5"x7" I Am a Child of God subway art all available to download for free. Wonderful! Thank you Heather!
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The calendar template would work great to do the New Year's Resolutions Idea I've read about online. Here's the idea in a nutshell:
1. Assign a song and resolution to each month according to the monthly theme. (see below for my suggestions)
2. Post the monthly calendars around the room in random order.
3. Have a child find January. Say the name of the song and have the children come up with a good resolution to go with it. Help them out if they can't think of one. Sing the song. Repeat for the rest of the months.

January - I Am a Child of God  - Listen to/obey parents; Follow the promptings of the Spirit
February - Once there was a Snowman - Walk outside everyday
March - I Feel My Savior's Love or Jesus - Say sorry quickly; Repent daily
April - I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ - Be ready for church on time
May - Follow the Prophet - Find out what the Prophet wants me to do (by listening to General Conference)
June - When I am Baptized - Make a new friend this year
July - Kindness Begins with Me - Serve someone in your family every day
August - A Child's Prayer - Pray every day
September - I'm Trying to be Like Jesus - Find a way to help someone every day
October -  I Hope they call me on a Mission - Pay tithing and save for a mission
November - I am Glad for Many Things - Be grateful for learning by doing your homework
December - Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - Read the scriptures every day to learn about Jesus

It's a lot of songs to get through, but it's a fun idea!

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