Saturday, January 21, 2012

5 CTR Rating

I'm excited to start teaching "Whenever I Have to Choose" to the Senior Primary tomorrow. Here's my plan.

1. Sing and Repeat with Pictures: I sing a phrase, they repeat it. I do this a few times for each phrase and then sing from the beginning. I show the picture for the phrase while I'm doing this then hang it on the board.

2. Sing and Repeat with Signs: I sing a phrase, they repeat it and I do a few signs for the phrase. I explain any new signs, or ask them why they think a sign is a certain way. Then we sing and sign from the beginning

3. Picture Scramble: Once we know a verse, I'll pull down the pictures and give them to different children asking them to put them up on the board when we sing that part. I keep magnets on the board so they can just grab one when they go up.

4. Rhyming Words: Then I'll hand out the rhyming words (below) for that verse to different children and have them put them under the pictures while we sing it again.

5. 5 CTR Rating: In order to help them stay motivated I'll give them the 5CTR Rating for each verse once we learn it. Just like hotels or movies get "Star Ratings" for how great they are, the children can earn a CTR Rating for how well they sing the song. I will rate them on knowing the words, everyone singing and effort. Smiling helps, too. I'll have 6 stars just in case they really wow me. I'll use these CTR symbols (or maybe these)  and put them on the board next to the pictures for that verse.


  1. Sorry! These words are for "Whenever I Have to Choose" but the idea could work with any song.

  2. I don't know that song - where did you find it?

  3. Sorry, I forgot to link to the post that tells about this song. It was printed in the Friend and it teaches such a great message. Here's the link to my post about it.
    Thanks for reading my blog!

  4. Do you just have the pictures not included in the Gospel art kit in a JPG format. I don't like to have the words to the song on my visual aids and would love to just have the pictures.
    I found this song years ago as I have a printed notebook of all songs from the Children's Friend and I so glad that it fits the theme this year.