Monday, January 23, 2012

Follow-Up on CTR Rating

My Senior Primary loved the challenge of getting the 5 CTR Rating! This is what I did...

I asked a cute young couple that teaches the 11 year olds to be the 'judges.' They were positive, but tough judges and the kids rose to the occasion. Once we knew a verse the couple stood up front to display and constantly change their rating while we sang. They held up or took down the CTR cards while we sang according to how well they did. This was way more effective than just showing the rating they earned at the end of the song.

Also, the kids could tell the exact spots they needed to work on, and wanted to review so they could do better. The kids were so determined to get a 5 and wanted more chances to try. We ended up singing it several times and they never lost interest. I love that I got to be more of a 'coach' to them, helping them to succeed as a team toward a goal.

We also reviewed the 3rd verse of "As a Child of God" with the service box and both the Junior and Senior Primary loved that. In Senior Primary we talked about using our agency to choose our attitude when we were serving our family, and choosing to act right away instead of waiting.


  1. My kids all seem to know the song really well. Ok, except the Sunbeams. They need some work, but even they are starting to get it. :) I'm going to have the full time on Sunday, so I'm still trying to decide how to use it.

  2. I've got some ideas that might help, I'm working on a post for them. Check back soon!