Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gospel Media Library has a great new resource: Gospel Media Library.
Here's the Link:

Under the title of the page: Gospel Media Library, you'll find three buttons: Home, Video or Images. I'm so impressed with the sheer number of images and videos they make available!

It's going to be so much easier and faster to find pictures to use to teach songs. (Plus I won't have to risk seeing inappropriate images while Googling for pictures!) There are more than 40 categories of pictures! Some of my favorites are: Children, Families, Parenthood, Beliefs and Practices, Objects and Miscellaneous.

This picture is under "Children" and "Playing." I love how they illustrate a specific situation.

The Video section includes Feature Films, Devotionals, Conference, Scripture Stories and more. I love the clips under "Book of Mormon Presentations" called "My Joy is Full" and "O Ye Fair Ones." Many of these can be downloaded to your computer!
These are great to use in making videos for songs. I used them in a video I made of "I Know that My Redeemer Lives." Watch it here on YouTube:

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