Monday, January 23, 2012

Stretchy Slinky

I can't remember where I first heard of this fabulous idea, but the kids love it when I pull out the Slinky. I use it a couple of different ways.

JUNIOR PRIMARY: I use the Slinky to give instant feedback to the kids on how well they're singing. The better they sing, the more stretched out the slinky gets. When their attention slips away, or they forget the words the slinky shrinks back down. They love seeing the slinky stretch out and it helps them keep their focus on the song the whole time.

SENIOR PRIMARY: If they are just learning the song I might use it the same as above. But once they know the song I use it to help them with dynamics (louds, softs, etc.) The size of the slinky tells them how loud to sing. The smaller the slinky, the softer they sing. The bigger the slinky, the louder. Slowly stretching it out signals them to crescendo (gradually get louder) and the opposite signals a diminuendo (gradually get softer.)

NOTE: I prefer to sign and lead while we sing to help them do their best and remember the words, so I always hand off the slinky to a teacher/leader and have them start it off and then have them choose a child to do it. The younger ones obviously need help from their teacher or a leader.

I'd love to hear how you use a slinky!

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