Wednesday, January 25, 2012

5 Things I Love

There are some things I just love about they way Primary is run in our ward. Little details that make my calling easier or just make me happy.

1. Chairs: they are set up in a slight semi-circle shape. (see diagram to the right.) It makes it so the kids at the end of the rows can see me better, and I can see them. It's such a small detail, but makes a BIG difference. I also love it when the teachers sit on the outside of the rows so they don't block the view for the kids behind them.

2. Up-Front: At least one of the Primary Presidency members sits up front during Singing Time. I LOVE this because they are the extra set of hands I often need for hanging up pictures or helping with an activity. I think it helps the kids to get to know the presidency members better, too, because they see them more consistently. (I always sit up front during Sharing Time and help out however I can.)

3. Prelude: We sing the prelude music. For Junior Primary I choose a few wiggle songs because we've just finished Sacrament Meeting and then a reverent song. For Senior Primary we sing a song we recently learned. It's so valuable to get that little bit of extra review time. I usually do String-a-Song or Stretchy Slinky or Pop-up Puppy for Senior Primary while we sing to help them focus.

4. Good-Bye: I LOVE to stand at the door and say 'good-bye' to the Junior Primary Children as they leave. I try to call them by name, thank them for singing with me, shake their hand or pat their back and tell them to have a great class. (They go by me so fast that I don't get that all in for each child.) It's one of my favorite parts of Primary because I get lots of smiles and hugs. That personal connection is what makes me feel like I'm really ministering to my little friends.

5. Teachers: I love our teachers. They sing the songs, do the actions and help with all kinds of activities during Singing Time. They are good sports to always pitch in and I try to make sure they feel involved and appreciated. (I do a special Teacher Appreciation Singing Time after the Sacrament Meeting Program where we get to know them better, too. Details coming in the months ahead.)

There are lots of other things I love about how our Primary runs, this is just my top 5. What little things do you love about your Primary?


  1. Great suggestions! I'm going to suggest the chair set-up to our Primary and ask about singing the prelude music.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I enjoy reading your blog.

  2. I wish we could set up our chairs like that, but the way our Primary Room is, I'm not sure it would work. I'll have to ask the Primary President what she thinks.