Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fill-Up the Heart

Draw a BIG HEART on the chalkboard. Have a 'judge' (one of the kids or a teacher) color part of the heart with chalk while the kids are singing. If they are singing well, they color fast and fill in a big portion of the heart. If not, they barely color at all. You could have a heart for each song, or just one big heart with the goal of filling it up by the end of Singing Time.

If it gets filled up before you're done, you could have a judge empty it with an eraser, depending on how well they sing. Or just erase the whole thing quick and start over.

I pick a new judge for each song. I look for a class that's singing their best and choose their teacher to judge, or I ask that teacher to choose someone from their class to judge.

This idea could work with any holiday or topic: Fill-Up the CTR Shield, Fill-Up the Easter Egg, Fill-Up the Temple, etc.

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