Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost Little Lamb

A very popular review activity is the Hot-n-Cold game. I've put my own little gospel twist on it and call it the Lost Little Lamb. The idea is the same, you just have a lamb to hide and a shepherd to look for it. Here's how you play.

A great singer is chosen to be the Shepherd and step out of the room. Choose another great singer (great singing is based on effort, of course) to hide the Little Lamb and make sure all of the other children see where it is hidden. The Shepherd is invited back in and the singing starts. As the Shepherd gets closer to the Lost Little Lamb the singing gets louder and as the Shepherd moves away, the singing gets softer. Once the Little Lamb is found, the song is finished and other children are chosen to play.

The children learn a song quickly with this activity because they sing the song so many times, and they don't even realize it. It also makes a great last minute plan for a substitute.

Ask a teacher/leader to stand at the door to make sure the door gets closed and to make sure the Shepherd is invited back in at the right time.
Set guidelines for hiding the Little Lamb. For Junior Primary, I say that some part of the Little Lamb has to be seen. For Senior, it just has to be easily accessible, i.e. not inside someone's bag.


  1. We play this game too only I use a "Little People" sheep and call it 'the good shepherd'. I agree, it's so easy and the kids love it. I always keep my sheep in my bag, just in case.

  2. I have a pink monkey that I use (Pinky Bob), he's been thumbtacked to a board, hidden in a shirt. We love this game. When we play I usually have his head sticking out of my bag through sacrament and the primary kids get excited and start to look forward to music time.

    Although, I do it the opposite, so that as we get closer they sing quieter, I tell my kids that it's because they have to somethimes listen to hear the small voice guiding them, and it's a slight bit more reverent for us. I also ask the kids to finish the verse if he has been found mid-verse. That way I know they are singing the songs completely through.