Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Song Review

My heart valentine box draws a lot of attention from the Primary kids. They probably think there's chocolate in it:) Sadly, the chocolate is gone, but I tell them there's another kind of treat: Songs to sing! And since we are celebrating Valentine's Day we'll sing songs about LOVE! 

I look for a great singer while we sing our first song and have him/her come up and pick a 'treat' out of the box for the next song to sing. For the 'treats' I use little glass gem rocks. Pom Poms would work, or glass pebbles, or any other little trinkets you have around.

Instead of marking each 'treat' with a page number or song title, I make a list of the songs we're going to sing in the order I'd like to sing them and then I just work off that list. The pianist has a copy of the list and it goes so smoothly. Also, this way I can make sure we get to sing certain songs, I put them at the top of the list. 

I have separate lists for Junior and Senior Primary, each catered to the songs they know and enjoy. Click here to download the Word version of my Valentines Songs Lists, this allows you to edit the list and make it your own. Click here to view and print a pdf version of my Valentines Songs Lists.

Some ways to change it up: 
Say (or sing) a phrase from the song and have the kids guess the song
Sign the first line of the song and have the kids guess the song
Play the first line of the song on the piano and have the kids guess it
Give a clue about the song (In this song we sing about a building. I Love to See the Temple)
After singing the song, ask what it has to do with LOVE

Idea to Keep them Focused
I'm a big fan of giving the kids immediate feedback on how well they are singing. It really motivates them to sing. Here's my simple idea for this week:
Draw a BIG HEART on the chalkboard. Have a 'judge' (one of the kids or a teacher) color part of the heart with chalk while the kids are singing. If they are singing well, they color fast and fill in a big portion of the heart. If not, they barely color at all. You could have a heart for each song, or just one big heart with the goal of filling it up by the end of Singing Time.

Hope these ideas help. Happy Valentine's Week!

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