Saturday, March 3, 2012

How To Download a YouTube Video

I've had several people request that I email my Gethsemane video to them. Unfortunately it's too big of a file for me to send via email. But a File Converter can download the video from YouTube and convert the video so it can be burned to a CD. This post shows how to use a File Converter, but I've been hesitant to publish it because of the gray area that exists where copyright and YouTube videos are concerned. Please use discretion when it comes to downloading and copying videos.

There are many File Converters available, but not all are created equal. Some cost money, some require you to download or install a program on your computer, some convert the video to a low resolution so the video is overly pixelated (you know, when the picture turns into lots of little tiny squares of color.) I'm not expert on File Converters, I've only used three or four, but I like Zamzar for three reasons:

It's Free
No downloading or installing
High resolution result

Here's how to get a YouTube Video onto your computer.

1. Go to and click on URL in Step 1.

2. Copy the URL address for the YouTube video you want to convert. It's in the address bar at the top of the page of your YouTube video and starts with

3. Paste the URL into the box in Step 1.

4. Choose a file format from the drop down menu in Step 2. (I used wmv)

5. Enter your email address in Step 3 and then click Convert.

6. Check your email to find your converted video. It might take a few minutes.

7. Download it and save it to a DVD.

I would check to make sure the DVD players at your ward building will play your movie ahead of time. It's not fun to find out last minute that the DVD player won't play your DVD!


  1. There is also a free program called DVDSoft that will do the same thing, but right on your computer. It's what we've been using for years.