Thursday, March 8, 2012

Song Ping Pong

Here's a fun idea for "Stand for the Right" (or any song, really) that doesn't take much prep. I call it Song Ping Pong. Or maybe Sing Pong. Or Ping Song? Anyway, a Ping Pong Paddle would be fun to use to direct this, but it's not absolutely necessary. Here's my plan.

1. Explain to the children that they are going to play Song Ping Pong. The room is the Ping Pong Table. The song is the ball. Instead of hitting a ball back and forth, they will send the song to the other group.
2. Divide the children into two groups. Done. Aisle down the middle of the rows takes care of that.
3. Name the groups: Group 1, Group 2.
4. Using the Ping Pong Paddle, point to the group that will serve the ball, they will start singing the song.
5. As the song continues, use the Ping Pong Paddle to point to the groups. The group you are pointing to sings, the other group is silent until you point to them again.

The first time we sing it I'll point to a new group at the beginning of each phrase. The more times we sing it, the more difficult I'll make it. See the semi-difficult example below.

Group 1: Our prophet has some words for you
Group 2: And these are the words "Be True,
Group 1: Be True"
Group 2: At work or at play
Group 1: In darkness or light 
Group 2: Be True, 
Group 1: Be True
Group 2: And Stand for 
Group 1: the Right.

NOTE: For more of a challenge, have an extra Ping Pong Paddle sitting close by and periodically grab it and point to both groups at once. You won't even need to tell them beforehand, they'll figure it out and love the surprise!

For a motivator you can grab a big empty jar and let them earn a ping pong ball for every volley that goes off without a hitch. Make them really earn those balls and they will rise to the challenge!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this - can't wait to 'play' this with my primary!! We are learning Army's of Helaman this month since the kids know 'Stand for the Right' from last year and think you are correct, this will be great with any song!!

  2. I love it when I come across "easy" singing time ideas. I think my kids would love this. Thanks for the idea.

  3. This looks AWESOME! I will try it on Sunday. Thanks.

  4. I love you ideas. Keep them coming! I need the inspiration! :)

  5. So clever! I love it. Using it soon