Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrate Spring with a Twist

Spring has finally sprung and tomorrow in Singing Time I fully intend to celebrate by singing some Spring Songs after we learn our Mother's Day song. Oh, and we'll put a little spring in our step by adding Name that Tune. Here's my plan.

I'm going to cut a bouquet of daffodils and put them in a pretty vase with water to keep them happy. 
Note: I wish these were my daffodils, but they're not. It's just a photo I found on line. I spent the day painting and didn't get a picture taken before it got dark. But trust me, I do have a bunch of daffodils.

Around each daffodil stem I'll wrap a skinny piece of paper with the page number of one of those Spring Songs. (list below) Wrapping the paper around a pencil first will make it easier. I love how Springy these colors look!

I'll choose one singer to come up and pick a flower, pull off the twist of paper and announce the page number. Another singer will roll the dice and then Brother Piano Player will play that many notes of the melody.

Those that know the song raise their hand and I let them guess. If no one guesses right we add another note until they get it. (Always play from the beginning.) I allow first lines of the song as well as the title for correct answers. When they guess the song we get to sing it and then do it all over again!

Now for the Spring Songs. There's a whole section in the Children's Song Book called "Nature and Seasons" starting on page 227. My Primary knows some of these songs but we don't sing them very regularly. Since we are doing "Name that Tune" I'll just use songs we are familiar with. Your list might be different.

My Heavenly Father Loves Me  p. 228
I Think the World is Glorious   p. 230
Give, Said the Little Stream  p. 236
Springtime is Coming   p. 238
In the Leafy Treetops  p. 240
I Feel My Savior's Love  p. 74   (I feel my Savior's Love in all the world around me)
Popcorn Popping p. 242
Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam  p. 60
On a Golden Springtime p. 88

Happy Spring!


  1. Love the cute spring idea!! On another topic I have a question for you about teaching sign language to the kids with the songs. Do you have them sign when they sing it in sacrament meeting or just while teaching it to them? I have been teaching it with most of my songs but am curious as to how you do it when they sing for mothers day or the presentation? When doing the sign language I also have a hard time teaching dynamics with the song as I usually help them remember the signs.....just curious and wanted to pick your brain;) Thanks for your blog!

    1. Tiffany, this is something I'm always open to suggestions on. There are pro's and con's for both, I'm sure you agree.
      The signs help them so much to remember the words and it helps the little ones to focus on me and participate (some just aren't ready for all those words.)
      Directing the music helps them come in better and makes them look unified.
      For the songs that we haven't practiced much I usually end up signing (after I bring them in) and tell the children before hand that they can sign but don't have to, but we want them to sing out their testimony.
      What I end up doing for the Sacrament Meeting Program is bringing them in to start the songs and then do the signs as needed. I know where the weak spots are and can anticipate when they need a sign to remind them. I also usually pick one or two songs that we all sign.
      I hope this helps!

  2. I love your ideas! This is always my first (and usually last) stop when I'm getting ideas for music time. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!