Sunday, May 13, 2012

10 Performance Tips

Here are 10 things I've learned that really help a Sacrament Meeting performance.

1. Start learning the song early. Practicing the song even just a little bit for several weeks is better than just one highly concentrated shot at it.

2. During Singing Time, tell the Senior Primary kids to stand behind the little kids during the performance. I also ask for their help moving the little kids to the front.

3. Ask the Bishopric member to invite the children to come forward when it's time for them to sing. Otherwise you have some kids straggle up at the last minute.

4.. Help the kids get situated on stand. I stand in front of them and give them big smiles while I move the little ones forward and the bigger ones back.

5. Go over the words with them while helping kids move into position. I just start saying the words while I move kids around. This is especially helpful if you have Sacrament Meeting first, or if you are singing the week after Stake or General Conference. This also helps them SEE ME. Because I'm right in front of them they can't miss me and their eyes follow me while I take my place. If I just sit on the bench while they take their position and don't help them get situated, I'm just one of the crowd.

6. Sit on the front bench. Or stand up behind the front bench if it's not available.

7. Give them a BIG SMILE. And motion for them to smile. It makes a big difference in how they feel and how the audience enjoys the performance.

8. Exaggerate their entrance. Use your body and arms to help them know when to come in. Having a strong start gives them confidence to sing out.

9. Use signs to remind them of words in weak spots. Put your hand behind your ear if they aren't singing out, but use this sparingly or it looses it's effect.

10. When they're done give them a big thumbs up, a thank you and a big smile. Then motion for them to go sit down.


  1. I really love you blog and use your signing in my singing times. I love how you "stick to the handbook" and don't veer off. You keep the spirit that should be in primary. I have a question for you.

    The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is having a Facebook contest to win a chance to conduct them! It's a once in a life time opportunity. My primary president, and former primary chorister, Becky Sais has submitted a video and we need votes. I helped shoot and edit the video. We went down to the beach to conduct the waves! The sun came out just for us and we even "summoned" 2 humpback whales! It was amazing.

    I was hoping that as a primary chorister you might support us by voting and/or posting this on your blog for your followers.

    Click on It will take you to the MoTab Facebook page. Scroll down and you'll see videos. Click on page 2 and look for "Conducting Waves". Click on the 5th star to give us 5 points.

    We need to reach the goal of 200 points each day and we are only getting about 150. Voting goes for the next 8 days. You can reach me at Thank you!

  2. Thank you!! These are fantastic tips and a great help. You give such great ideas.