Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spotlight on Mothers

It's a tradition in our ward to spotlight a handful of mothers on Mother's Day. (We do the same for fathers on Father's Day.) My good friend who was the former music leader started this tradition and the kids love it. The mother is hidden behind a sheet and clues are given about her. It's so fun to watch the kids try to figure out if it's their mother. Here are the details.

1. Decide.  Figure out which mothers to spotlight. Pick 5-8 depending on how much time you have. I try to pick moms of kids I feel would appreciate being more involved. Maybe the child who only comes once a month, or the one who doesn't seem to have many friends.

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2. Form. Make and print copies of a spotlight form. Click here to download mine. It's a Word Document so you can change the part about where and when to meet. If you are doing this for Junior and Senior Primary make sure you make two different forms with the different times. Give each mother a form to fill out and return to you beforehand so you can plan on which songs to sing and let your pianist know.

3. Supplies. I use a sheet across the doorway for the mom to stand behind while I read her clues from the spotlight form. One idea is to have her stand on a chair so everyone can see her shoes as a visual clue. Another idea is to have her wear a Venetian Mask and hat so everyone can see her eyes, but not her face or hair. (You can buy these at a party or costume store. has the one above on sale right now.)

 4. Shine the Spotlight. On Sunday meet the mothers outside the Primary Room at the prearranged time and explain that you will read the spotlight of one mother at a time while she stands behind the sheet. (Ask some teachers/leaders to hold up the sheet.) Make sure the mothers know the order you will go in. (I write it on the spotlight paper so I don't get confused.) When the children guess the mother, she comes into the Primary Room to stand with her child(ren) while everyone sings her favorite song. The mother is then invited to stay if she wants and you're on to the next mother.

5. Thank you. This is totally optional, but I like to give the mothers a little pack of M&M's to tell them thank you for helping out. I have them in a little box outside the room and tell them to take one when they are done.

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  1. Oh, I would LOVE to do this, but I need to start the May song, and my Presidency wouldn't like it because they would say it was more like Sharing Time than Singing Time. :(