Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bean Bag Toss Review

 OK, I can't think of a catchy title for this review activity, so I called it Bean Bag Toss Review. I use a small stuffed animal instead of a bean bag, but use whatever you have and if you think of a good name, please share!

This is half of a poster board covered with 6"x6" colored card stock squares. On each square is a picture that indicates a song OR a verse of a song. The board is placed on the floor and a child is chosen to toss the bean bag onto the poster. Wherever the bean bag lands is the song (or verse) you sing.

NOTE: If it lands on two pictures, choose the one you haven't sung yet. With a stuffed animal, choose the picture that's under the animal's head.

Since we are ready to review "As a Child of God" I used pictures that represent the different verses.
  • 1st Verse: earth, CTR, family
  • 2nd Verse: happy, family, love
  • 3rd Verse: home, serve, family
  • Chorus: Christ with children
In order to choose the helper to throw the 'bean bag' I'll ask a question that applies the topic of the verse we just sang. (For the first song I'll start with the 1st Verse question.)
  • 1st Verse: What good choice did you make this week that blessed your family?
  • 2nd Verse: How do you help your family feel safe and happy? Or peaceful?
  • 3rd Verse: How do you serve your family? 
When the 'bean bag' has been tossed I'll ask "Which part of the song talks about ______? Can you sing it?" I expect kids to start singing that part. Then I'll say "Great! Let's all sing it together!"

I also included pictures for other songs so we can break it up a little. And when we are closer to the program I'll make sure there's a picture on the board for each song in the program.

  • Temple: I Love to See the Temple, My Body is a Temple
  • Prophet: Follow the Prophet, Stand for the Right
  • Scriptures: Book of Mormon Stories, Search, Ponder & Pray
Laminating this board would make it durable, but then I couldn't change it up for different songs, so I'm undecided on that.

I'll use the CTR Rating again to motivate everyone to sing. In Junior Primary I'll have a teacher/leader rate us, in Senior I'll have pairs of kids rate us.

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