Sunday, February 12, 2012

Follow-Up on Fill-Up the Heart

We had lots of fun singing "Love Songs" for Valentines Day. I'm so glad we got to sing some favorites- "Jesus said Love Everyone" especially, not just because it reminds me of being a Sunbeam, but because that's really Jesus' message.

And filling up the heart on the chalkboard worked like a champ! They sang their little hearts out. The Sunbeams were so excited about the progress we made. In Senior Primary we filled it after 4 or 5 songs so I had the next teacher 'empty' it (with an eraser) depending on how well we sang. When we sang Gethsemane we filled the heart, emptied it and filled it again! Granted, it's a long song, but they sounded so great and wanted to sing it again! Love that song.

I'm thinking the chalkboard idea could work for any topic: fill the CTR shield, fill the Easter Egg, fill the temple, etc. It would be fun with colored chalk, too.

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